Why Filter Flouride From Drinking Water

The Fluoride controversy has flourished for decades and entire countries have banned it’s use in water – however, in countries like the USA and Canada governments force fluoride on large populations whether they like it or not. The following documentary is a powerful statement about the dangers of Fluoride and why you might want to filter it from your drinking water. Myself, I carry my Puritii Water Filter bottle wherever I go and do not worry about the local water quality. Another thing to consider when you are traveling or away from your industrial strength home water filter system – most bottled water is actually filtered tap water and many do not filter out the fluoride.

Dangers Of Fluoride

The following documentary titled “The Great Culling: Our Water Official Full Movie” is really well done and features interviews with well known scientists and researchers on what fluoride is made from, why it can be harmful to people who drink it, and why it has been added to drinking water for decades. If you are already familiar with the fight to get fluoride removed from city water supplies this movie will help your conviction on the matter – if you are not familiar with the fluoride debate this is a must see!

You be the judge….

4 Responses to “Why Filter Flouride From Drinking Water”

  1. Emmett Says:

    How much fluoride does this filter remove?

  2. sanmarc Says:

    Puritii filters 25% of the fluoride at this time but there are plans to filter 100% in the works.

  3. Michael Says:

    Will that be a separate filter sold separately that can be integrated with the current stainless steel bottle?

  4. sanmarc Says:

    The new filter was released in March and comes in a new bottle. When you go to the shopping cart you will see the new clear Puritii bottle in the Puritii section. If i can answer any more questions please feel free to contact me again.

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