Filter Demonstrations

The following videos show the ARIIX Puritii water filter system in action. These are extreme examples and we do not recommend you use your bottle like this – but it does show how you could get fresh water from disgusting sources if you needed to.

Disaster Preparedness Expert shows why ARIIX Puritii is the best water filtration solution

Drank from a polluted swamp in Malaysia

Drank from a polluted stream, a swamp, and a drain pipe from a culvert that had a dead Fox carcass in the water on the other side.

Drank from a polluted stream, stagnant fish pond, and a mud puddle

NOTE: The ARIIX CEO and some of the Executive Team did this demonstration so you know they believe in their product.

Drank from a heavily chlorinated swimming pool – excellent way to get an extra 27,000 gallons of drinking water for disasters

Drank from Lake Berryesa in Northern California –

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