Drinking Lake Water with Puritii 2.0 – Lake Berryessa, CA

puritiiThe Puritii Water Filtration system was first released in 2012 and since then has won many rewards and been recognized as one of the best portable Water Filtration bottles in the industry – my wife and I have been using our Puritii Water Filtration bottles since they first came out. With Puritii we were able to drink from ancient water sources (i.e. century old pipes in Pompei) all over Europe, in Asia, and drank from swamps and streams around the world (don’t try this with a Britta!) – we never got sick. The only problem with the first Puritii system was how hard it was to draw water through the filter sometimes – with Puritii 2.0 this problem is fixed. ┬áThe new system is so efficient it is like sipping on a huge straw, but most importantly you still get the incredible filtration power (up to 100 times NSA standards) that Puritii became known for.

My wife and I were out on Lake Berryessa (we go boating every week) a couple of weeks ago and I did a little video on how easy it is to use Puritii on the lake..

Puritii Water Filter Bottle Demo Video

(Note: on the video I say one filter replaces 378 bottles of water – the new Puritiii Triton filter replaces 455 bottles of water):


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