Drinking Lake Water with Puritii 2.0 – Lake Berryessa, CA

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

The Puritii Water Filtration system was first released in 2012 and since then has won many rewards and been recognized as one of the best portable Water Filtration bottles in the industry – my wife and I have been using our Puritii Water Filtration bottles since they first came out. With Puritii we were able to drink from ancient water sources (i.e. century old pipes in Pompei) all over Europe, in Asia, and drank from swamps and streams around the world (don’t try this with a Britta!) – we never got sick. The only problem with the first Puritii system was how hard it was to draw water through the filter sometimes – with Puritii 2.0 this problem is fixed.  The new system is so efficient it is like sipping on a huge straw, but most importantly you still get the incredible filtration power (up to 100 times NSA standards) that Puritii became known for.

My wife and I were out on Lake Berryessa (we go boating every week) a couple of weeks ago and I did a little video on how easy it is to use Puritii on the lake..

Puritii Water Filter Bottle Demo Video

(Note: on the video I say one filter replaces 378 bottles of water – the new Puritiii Triton filter replaces 455 bottles of water):

Why Filter Flouride From Drinking Water

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

The Fluoride controversy has flourished for decades and entire countries have banned it’s use in water – however, in countries like the USA and Canada governments force fluoride on large populations whether they like it or not. The following documentary is a powerful statement about the dangers of Fluoride and why you might want to filter it from your drinking water. Myself, I carry my Puritii Water Filter bottle wherever I go and do not worry about the local water quality. Another thing to consider when you are traveling or away from your industrial strength home water filter system – most bottled water is actually filtered tap water and many do not filter out the fluoride.

Dangers Of Fluoride

The following documentary titled “The Great Culling: Our Water Official Full Movie” is really well done and features interviews with well known scientists and researchers on what fluoride is made from, why it can be harmful to people who drink it, and why it has been added to drinking water for decades. If you are already familiar with the fight to get fluoride removed from city water supplies this movie will help your conviction on the matter – if you are not familiar with the fluoride debate this is a must see!

You be the judge….

ARIIX Puritii in Cancun, MX – the perfect Travel companion

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Puritii water filter bottles are perfect for traveling when you are going to places with notoriously bad drinking water. My wife and I have been going to the Yucatan in Mexico for over 25 years now and though we love it we know from experience how a vacation can be turned upside down by drinking local water contaminated with bacteria and a lot of other things that make you sick. We intimately know the meaning of “Montezuma’s revenge” and spending days of precious vacation time staring at the ceiling. For the last couple of years we have carried the ARIIX Puritii Water Filter bottle and been able to drink from all sorts of disgusting water sources without getting sick.

Bottled Water vs Filtered Water

If you watched the Truth About Bottled Water video you already know bottled water is not really like those slick marketing logos on the bottles – in fact over 40% is from tap water. Those cute little plastic water bottles often sit in the sun for hours and the petrochemicals in the plastic leech into the water and by the time you drink it (or buy it – I have seen pallets of bottled water roasting in the hot Mexican sun) chances are strong the water is already contaminated. If you ever Googled BPA (one of the chemicals in bottled water), + cancer you will also understand why it is better to use a filter bottle instead of bottled water.

Cancun Beach Pollution

Cancun has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and we have always cherished how clean it is. This year I noticed the staff at our Hotel raking the beach and then burying it in holes. Mostly seaweed but there was a lot of plastic they put in bags too. It might be a drastic contrast but the picture below is from another formerly beautiful tropical location and it is not pretty:
Plastic Waste

I went out on the Cancun beach with my camcorder one morning before they raked up the plastic trash floating in off the Caribbean – this is just from one night of trash coming in off the ocean:

ARIIX Puritii can make a big difference

Did you see the picture of my wife standing next to 378 plastic water bottles (home page). Can you imagine what a thousand piles of these would look like on the beach? One of our friends and business partners in Cancun did a little video clip with me on how we can help the environment while having safe water wherever we go.

Here is the clip:

Tim Sales State of Our Water – Breakthrough Summit

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Water pollution is the #1 cause of death on planet earth now and the situation is getting worse. In this inspired talk by Mr. Tim Sales at the launch of the Pure Water Movement in Carlsbad California he gave a talk on how this situation happened and what we can do about it.

Here is the video from that conference:

Using Puritii Water Filter with Camelbak Packs

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Camelbak Packs are a popular product among hikers, bikers, campers, the Military, and disaster relief personnel (our CDF firefighters here in California use these).  It is difficult to pack large quantities of water around and of course drinking water that has been in plastic bottles for a long time (especially in the sun – my friend just returned from duty in Afganistan and he said the bottled water sat baking in the sun for days before they drank any) the chances are strong the petro chemicals found in plastic will leech into your drinking water (non-BPA or not). Even the bladder on the Camelbak pack is plastic so it is probably a good idea to have an inline filter to protect your drinking water. Since ARIIX Puritii Water Filters have been proven to remove contaminants as much as 100 times the NSF standards, it is a good filter to use when you travel or hike.

ARIIX is coming out with a special filter that will fit the Camelbak Pack but I am impatient so I went ahead and put one of my own ARIIX Puritii water filters on my Camelbak Pack – it works great! The following video shows you how to adapt your Camelbak Pack to include the ARIIX Puritii Water Filter so you can be sure you are drinking nothing but the best water when you backpack.

Tim Sales Call on What’s in Your Water?

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

The following conference call on the Puritii Water Filter system featured ARIIX CEO, Dr. Fred Cooper, and ARIIX Master Distributor, Mr. Tim Sales. Like many of us, Dr. Cooper, and Mr. Sales were relatively naive about what is in the water we drink these days but you will hear on the call how radically things have changed.

Tim is renowned for being a perfectionist and he has been more than diligent on his research of water filter systems. Of course Dr. Cooper is known for being extremely smart, and since I have known him I can safely say he has a deep passion for technology and only offering the best products for ARIIX. The patented 3 stage Puritii water filter is truly different than other portable filters on the market and on this call you will hear why.

Some of the information on the call might shock you – but if you are serious about having good water to drink wherever you go you really need to hear this:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Note: If the recording does not play try refreshing the page (F5)

The Truth About Bottled Water

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Puritii Water Bottle Wins Best New Product of the Year Award

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Voted best new product of the yearThe Puritii Water Filtration bottle was just released in June, 2012, and it is already being touted as one of the best new products of the year. When compared with millions of other products on the world market today the Puritii Water Bottle won the coveted Bronze medal Stevie Award for Best New Product of the Year.  In addition to the Best New Product of the Year category, ARIIX, the owners of the innovative Puritii Water Filtration System also took the Bronze medal in the Stevie Best Company/Organization in the International Business category. After doing over $24,000,000 in sales in their first year ARIIX has proved it is not only innovative and has a high caliber product line but is a company that will be around a long time.

No Plastic Bottles Allowed at America’s Cup!

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

San Francisco has always been a leader at being Eco-friendly and is getting more so as the years pass. Now that the America’s Cup is coming to the San Francisco Bay it has been announced there will be no plastic bottles allowed, no plastic bags, no balloons, no plastic forks or knives, no plastic period! There will be water stations throughout the event though and patrons will be able to get water from the water stations instead of buying plastic bottles of water.

This is really good news and is a step in the right direction.

Can you imagine the San Francisco Bay looking like the image of the boater trying to maneuver his boat through that sea of plastic? Or visualize for a moment the San Franscisco Bay having a layer of plastic below the surface like the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch (bigger than the state of Texas). As more and more cities become eco-concious there will be more laws enacted to stop the plastic menace – we congratulate San Francisco for leading the way.

All the public needs now is more education on why no plastic bottles.

What a perfect opportunity to carry a Puritii Water bottle to an event and know that you are getting pure drinking water the whole time. Do you think these bottles will be available at America’s Cup with the Oracle Team USA logo on them?

Helping the World with Puritii

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

The Puritii Water Filter bottle was released in June of 2012 and is already making its way into countries with some of the world’s worst water supplies. As we expand this project around the world my team is establishing non-profit trusts that will benefit from filter reorders and residuals from sales of the bottles too. The vision is to help millions of people have safe drinking water and to be able to rechannel some of the residual revenues back into supplying the filters to those that need it most.

My friend, Werner Berger, the oldest man to conquer Mount Everest (at 70 years of age), likes to be first to conquer amazing tasks. Werner and his wife just sent this photo back from the Kilimanjaro Orphanage in Africa with a young boy holding his Puritii water bottle in his hand.

Puritii - Helping the world have safe drinking water
Puritii – Helping the world have safe drinking water

Thanks for kicking off the project in Africa Werner!

Marcus Cox
Founder of Charities in Tandem

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