Using Puritii Water Filter with Camelbak Packs

Camelbak Packs are a popular product among hikers, bikers, campers, the Military, and disaster relief personnel (our CDF firefighters here in California use these).  It is difficult to pack large quantities of water around and of course drinking water that has been in plastic bottles for a long time (especially in the sun – my friend just returned from duty in Afganistan and he said the bottled water sat baking in the sun for days before they drank any) the chances are strong the petro chemicals found in plastic will leech into your drinking water (non-BPA or not). Even the bladder on the Camelbak pack is plastic so it is probably a good idea to have an inline filter to protect your drinking water. Since ARIIX Puritii Water Filters have been proven to remove contaminants as much as 100 times the NSF standards, it is a good filter to use when you travel or hike.

ARIIX is coming out with a special filter that will fit the Camelbak Pack but I am impatient so I went ahead and put one of my own ARIIX Puritii water filters on my Camelbak Pack – it works great! The following video shows you how to adapt your Camelbak Pack to include the ARIIX Puritii Water Filter so you can be sure you are drinking nothing but the best water when you backpack.

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  1. Sgt. Michael C. Viers (Ret) USMC Says:

    I am really impressed with your water filtration products. Thank You and I’ll be purchasing one soon.

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