ARIIX Puritii in Cancun, MX – the perfect Travel companion

Puritii water filter bottles are perfect for traveling when you are going to places with notoriously bad drinking water. My wife and I have been going to the Yucatan in Mexico for over 25 years now and though we love it we know from experience how a vacation can be turned upside down by drinking local water contaminated with bacteria and a lot of other things that make you sick. We intimately know the meaning of “Montezuma’s revenge” and spending days of precious vacation time staring at the ceiling. For the last couple of years we have carried the ARIIX Puritii Water Filter bottle and been able to drink from all sorts of disgusting water sources without getting sick.

Bottled Water vs Filtered Water

If you watched the Truth About Bottled Water video you already know bottled water is not really like those slick marketing logos on the bottles – in fact over 40% is from tap water. Those cute little plastic water bottles often sit in the sun for hours and the petrochemicals in the plastic leech into the water and by the time you drink it (or buy it – I have seen pallets of bottled water roasting in the hot Mexican sun) chances are strong the water is already contaminated. If you ever Googled BPA (one of the chemicals in bottled water), + cancer you will also understand why it is better to use a filter bottle instead of bottled water.

Cancun Beach Pollution

Cancun has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and we have always cherished how clean it is. This year I noticed the staff at our Hotel raking the beach and then burying it in holes. Mostly seaweed but there was a lot of plastic they put in bags too. It might be a drastic contrast but the picture below is from another formerly beautiful tropical location and it is not pretty:
Plastic Waste

I went out on the Cancun beach with my camcorder one morning before they raked up the plastic trash floating in off the Caribbean – this is just from one night of trash coming in off the ocean:

ARIIX Puritii can make a big difference

Did you see the picture of my wife standing next to 378 plastic water bottles (home page). Can you imagine what a thousand piles of these would look like on the beach? One of our friends and business partners in Cancun did a little video clip with me on how we can help the environment while having safe water wherever we go.

Here is the clip:

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